Sail Canopies And Sail Covers

Cafe sail canopy or sail coverHello. So your interested in having a sail canopy or sail cover ?

Perfect we can help.

Here at Pennine Cafe Banners we manufacture all our own sails.

We don’t offer thin cheap readymade sails as we believe a sail canopy should be made to suit your project & location.

You don’t need to worry though as our bespoke sails cost far less than you might think.

All our sails are made from high grade marine canvas & are available in the same colours & fabric range as our canvas Cafe banners. Why does this matter? Consistence of look that’s why.

Do you want your cafe banners to be in one material & your sail canopy to be in another? Probably not.

That’s why we manufacture all our sails so the match our premium range of Canvas banners so your whole outdoor area is consistent.

Lead times are in days not weeks as well so don’t worry if your needing them quickly we can help.

Here at Pennine Cafe Banners we offer a complete installation service that comes with our free friendly advice as standard.

If you want to install your own sails we can provide you with everything from stainless steel wall plates & fittings to galvanised posts so you can complete your project.

If you would like more information or have any questions we are more than happy to help please either Contact Us through the website or give us a call on 01422 884 065.


Sail Canopies And Sail Covers

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Step 3 – All done just click on the checkout link or click the basket in the top right of the menu and finish your purchase.

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