How Do We Personalise Canvas Banners?

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that you receive a quality product that will last a very long time.

We dont just print your logo on the banner material like other companies. We use a special process of colour seperation on your logo and each colour is cut out of an actual coloured heat press material and applied using a special technique.

The sample shown is the Hard Rock Cafe, the logo was sent by the customer, this was then recreated as a vectorized graphic and then colour seperated by our design team which is shown in the diagram to the right and each colour is then cut out of the relevant heat press material colour and then the colours are carefully applied on to the canvas banner material and then heat pressed onto the material with special equipment.

This gives a fantastic finish that will exude quality and also is very hard waering and with stand up to the elements. the artwork materials used are fade resistant and will still look fantastic as time passes.

The Finished Hard Rock Cafe Barrier Below
Hard Rock Cafe Barrier Sample


The Canvas Cafe Barrier Personalisation Process

Canvas Cafe Banner Personalisation Process

If You Would like To Speak To Us Regarding Your Own Requirements Please Contact Us Now 01138 156 960 or 01422 884 065, We Will Be More Than Happy To Help.

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Cafe BArriers And Cafe Banners Material Options

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Cafe BArriers And Cafe Banners Material Options

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Easy Order System

Step 1 – Click Café Barrier Metalwork, Select the Metal work that you want and enter the quantities of the posts and cross beams and click add to cart.

Step 2 – Click Café Banner Material Options, choose the banner material that you prefer, enter the choices on banner colour, banner size, then choose whether you want plain or branded and the amount of colours. Enter the colour references ( you can see the colour swatches on the product page) Choose your quantity, then add the banners to your cart.

Step 3 – All done just click on the checkout link or click the basket in the top right of the menu and finish your purchase.

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