Premium Wooden Double Cafe Planter

Premium Wooden Cafe Planters


Not all wooden Cafe planters are the same its fact.

Simply our tall Cafe planters were designed for the retail environment.

They were designed for the job.

Available in three finishes & two sizes we are sure we have one to meet your needs.

Planter Finish *

Please select the finish required, if you select painted we will contact you to discuss the colour required

Cross Bar Brackets *

Would you like to use the planters with our branded banners.

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Not all wooden planters are the same its fact.

What makes our wooden planters so much better than the rest its simple:

1. We manufacture all our wooden planters with mortise joints as standard for a jointing method that has stood the test of time.

2: All our timber framed tall wooden Cafe planters are made from joinery grade timber.

3: Our Cafe Barrier planters are no light weights. So even before they are filled they are stable and sturdy despite being tall.

4: The Cafe planters come fully lined as standard.

5: Drainage holes are fitted so they are ready to be filled & used from when they are delivered should you wish to fill them.

6: As we design them they can be fitted with our wall brackets & cross bars to take our range of fantastic Cafe Banners to create beautiful outdoor branded areas.

Simply our tall Cafe planters were designed for the job,

They were designed for you!  We offer our wooden planters in three finishes.

Plain untreated timber for those who want a simple look.

Treated timber for extra life span & increased durability.

Fully painted so they can be tailored to a colour of your choice.

* Shipping Information – Because of the weight and size of these products, if you live outside the standard UK postal Zones please contact us as the shipping to these areas alters considerably and we will work out the best available price to your location.

Premium Wooden Planter Size
Premium Wooden Planter Double Width


Premium Wooden Planters Dimensions

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