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Cafe Planter
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Want to go rustic?

Want a planter that won’t break the bank?

Want one that was specially design to be a Cafe Barrier planter?

Then get one of our rustic pallet style planters!

Planter Finish *

Select the finish required, if you select powder coated options we will contact you to confirm.

Cross Bar Brackets *

Would you like to use the planters with our branded banners.


Planter Branding

We offer a burnt branding option to the wood on our planters for a look that is timeless from only £15, select yes and we will contact you to discuss your requiriements.

Special Instructions

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Looking for a rustic planter ?

Then meet our pallet planters that have a charming simplicity that looks timeless.

Our pallet style planters are all made from new rustic tantalized timber.  

They are designed to not break the bank & designed to be fully personalized to your requirements.

This is a rustic product, if you are looking for a finer finish planter please look at the premium wooden planters.

1. Brand individual slats as you need!

2: Includes a shelf to take the plant pot / or topiary  of your choice.

3: Available with optional locking wheels so you can move them quickly and easily.

4: Sized at 400mm by 400mm by 1000mm tall these planters have been designed for the job.

5: As we design & manufacture these here in the UK they are specially designed to be compatible with standard posts and uprights so they can be mixed & matched with our standard metalwork.

6: Need them quickly then let us know as with these planters we can deliver large quantities quickly due to our in-house manufacturing facility.

7 : Need a rustic planter that is made for you to  special size? Not an issue as we can make you a planter that is perfect for you.

Got a question just call or email as we are always happy to help it’s what we are here for.

Need them setup & installed for you? Again not a problem as we also offer a nationwide installation service.

If you would like the Double Size Planter please contact us

* Shipping Information – Because of the weight and size of these products, if you live outside the standard UK postal Zones please contact us as the shipping to these areas alters considerably and we will work out the best available price to your location.

** Please note that the Plants / Topiary Balls shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not supplied with the planters, we can supply these at an extra cost if required please get in touch and to discuss your requirements.

*** Please note that these are pallet planters and are made from a rustic wood , when sanded this is not a fine finished product.

**** Any staining of the wood is subject to the natural colours of the wood used

Industrial Planter Size
Industrial Planter Single Width


Industrial Planters Dimensions

How To Order Premium Wooden Planters

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